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Maritime Pacific Engineering Ltd.
Maritime Pacific Engineering Ltd.
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    Geotechnical engineering - cutblock & road assessments

     Geotechnical engineering uses principles of soil mechanics and rock mechanics to investigate subsurface conditions and materials; determine the relevant physical/mechanical and chemical properties of these materials; evaluate stability of natural slopes and man-made soil deposits; assess risks posed by site conditions; design earthworks and structure foundations; and monitor site conditions, earthwork and foundation construction. 

    Worksafe BC excavation assessments

    Road Design|Activation|Deactivation & Construction Monitoring

    Road deactivation/reactivation

    Bridge, Road, Cutblock & Helicopter Cutblock Design

    Environmental monitoring & GIS Mapping Systems

     Environmental monitoring is used in the preparation of environmental impact assessments, as well as in many circumstances in which human activities carry a risk of harmful effects on the natural environment. All monitoring strategies and programmes have reasons and justifications which are often designed to establish the current status of an environment or to establish trends in environmental parameters. In all cases the results of monitoring will be reviewed, analysed statisically and published. The design of a monitoring programme must therefore have regard to the final use of the data before monitoring starts.